[DFSci] What's going on with EnCase/Guidance Software?

Steve Rogers steve.rogers at dei.ca
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Hi, Jon. Just thought I'd chime in here as I haven't seen any responses.I have also been using EnCase since 1998/99. My most recent interaction with EnCase support about 6-8 weeks ago was positive to the extent they responded in a timely manner. The details they provided weren't particularly helpful but at least they responded. I have not had any experience since they moved all their support over to the 'new' OpenText support model just a couple weeks ago. They may be experiencing growing / transition pains. If you don't get results, I'd go directly to OpenText support to see if you can get a more timely response. Hope this is of some use to you.



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What the heck is going on with Guidance Software and the company that now owns/controls(?) them. Over the last 2 weeks I have tried several times to contact them to request a quote to upgrade my license to EnCase. I have sent emails, filled out their online forms, left voicemails and spent a total of more than 2 hours on hold with their published sales and customer service numbers. I have yet to receive any response from them or any indication that the care.

I have been a user of their products for more than 20 years but with this new low in customer service I am seriously looking at abandoning their product line and changing to one of their competitors. Has anyone else experienced similar issues with them?

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