[DFSci] Application to Associate/Assistant professor of digital forensics in Halmstad, south west Sweden, deadline 18 March.

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Mon Feb 26 02:38:27 PST 2018

Hi, we're announcing a position for assistant/associate professor of digital forensics in Halmstad, a coastal city on the south west coast of Sweden. Deadline 18 March.

Link: https://hh.mynetworkglobal.com/se/what:job/jobID:193412/


Assistant/Associate Professor in Digital Forensics (One position) Ref 2018/18

  *   Duties: Expanding Halmstad University’s existing strong Computer Security and Digital Forensics educational programs to become an integrated research and education center. This will include conducting and publishing high-quality research, and, eventually, leading the development of new, externally funded research projects in the area. Duties also include teaching a wide range of related courses, such as basics of computer security, IoT topics, ethical hacking, risk analysis, network security, advanced networking and security, network forensics, and cybercrime.

  *   Qualifications: A PhD in a Computer Science or related area. Established track record for high-quality research relating to Computer Security and Digital Forensics. An interest in developing components of existing Digital Forensics programs that relate to the candidate’s own research strengths. It is highly desirable for candidates to have a demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary collaboration as well as collaboration with industry and law enforcement organization.

About the school:

About Halmstad University, the School of ITE, Halmstad, and Sweden

Halmstad University is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden, in terms of research. In the most recent quality-based distribution of direct government funding for research, Halmstad University was awarded among the largest relative increases in funds. Increased publication volumes and citation scores were by far the most significant factors underlying this decision. The University places a strong emphasis on innovation in the areas of healthcare and smart cities. Research is often done in cooperation with industry and the university is known for innovation and entrepreneurship. Home to 600 employees, 10,000 students, it offers education on all levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D. education. Degrees offered by the School of ITE include undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees.  These include three as well as five year engineering (Högskoleingenjör, Civilingenjör) degrees, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Digital Forensics, and master’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

Research in the School of ITE is organized into four technology areas, namely, Cyber-Physical Systems, Smart Electronic Systems, Intelligent and Aware Systems, and Digital Service Design.

The working language is English and knowledge of Swedish is not generally required to start working at the university. In daily life, English is spoken widely and Sweden has the highest English Proficiency index in the world. Bachelor level education is, for the most part, in Swedish but with last year’s courses often in English too. Master level courses are only offered in English. All employees are encouraged to learn Swedish - for which both the university and the local government provide extensive facilities.

Halmstad is a city on the west coast of Sweden and has a population of about 65,000.  It is a popular summer destination, and is situated between two cosmopolitan areas: the Copenhagen-Malmö-Lund area and the Gothenburg area, making it a well-connected, yet a pleasantly calm place to live. Halmstad can be reached by a direct train connection from the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, as well as many other local airports (e.g., Halmstad, Malmö, and Ängelholm airports).

Sweden is well-known for its very high quality of life and social care facilities. It has excellent schools (including international schools) and daycare centers, as well as various recreational and entertainment facilities.

Feel free to contact the persons listed, or myself, if you want more information.

Best Regards, Stefan Axelsson NTNU and Halmstad University,

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