[DFSci] Call for Papers - DFRWS USA 2017 - Austin, TX - Closes Feb 01, 2017

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Tue Jan 10 04:59:43 PST 2017

DFRWS-USA-2017 Call for Papers
August 6-9, 2017 in Austin, Texas, USA

The DFRWS digital forensics conference brings together leading researchers, 
developers, practitioners, and educators from around the world to advance the
state of the art in digital forensics. Established in 2001, DFRWS has become
the premier digital forensics conference. DFRWS USA 2017 is being held at the 
beautiful Austin Hilton Convention Center in Austin, TX.

We invite original contributions in the form of research papers, non-research
presentations, demos, and posters in the following topic areas:
•Memory analysis and snapshot acquisition
•Storage forensics, including solid state
•"Big data" forensics, related to collection, analysis, and visualization
•Incident response and live analysis
•Forensics of cloud and virtualized environments
•Malware and targeted attacks (analysis and attribution)
•Network and distributed system forensics
•Event reconstruction methods and tools
•Mobile and embedded device forensics
•Digital evidence storage and preservation
•Data recovery and reconstruction
•Multimedia analysis
•Database forensics
•Tool testing and development
•Digital evidence and the law
•Case studies and trend reports
•Data hiding and discovery
•Anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics
•Interpersonal communications and social network analysis
•Non-traditional forensic scenarios and approaches (e.g. vehicles, Internet
 of Things, industrial control systems, and SCADA)
•Archival preservation & reconstruction

The above list is only suggestive. We welcome new, original ideas from people
in academia, industry, government, and law enforcement who are interested in
sharing their results, knowledge, and experience. Authors are encouraged to 
demonstrate the applicability of their work to practical issues. Questions 
about submission topics can be sent via email to:
  usa-papers (at) dfrws (dot) org

Research papers undergo double-blinded peer review and are published by 
Elsevier in a special issue of Digital Investigation. 

Presentations, posters, and demos undergo a light review process to select 
presentations of maximal interest to DFRWS attendees and filter out sales 
pitches. Presentation proposals must specify their target length from the 
following options: 20 minutes, 120 minutes (2 hours), or 240 minutes (4 hours).
Note, 2-4 hour presentations are referred to as ‘workshops’ and usually
include hands-on participation by attendees. Additional information regarding
each type of submission can be found on the DFRWS.org website at the following

•Submission deadline for research papers: February 1, 2017.
•Submission deadline for presentations: March 31, 2017.
•Submission deadline for posters and demos:
  ◦Poster authors who wish to have an abstract included in the printed 
   proceedings must submit a PDF of the poster and the proposed abstract by 
   March 31, 2017. 
  ◦Demo providers and poster authors who do not wish to have an abstract 
   included in the printed proceedings may submit their poster or demo request
   through the first day of the conference.
•Conference registration deadline for all papers, presentations, and posters
 with abstracts in the proceedings is April 19, 2017. Those without a 
 registered author/presenter may be dropped from the program -- see the 
 dfrws.org website for policy.

All referenced deadlines fall at 11:59pm under the Anywhere on Earth (AOE) 
time zone convention.

DFRWS continues its outreach to students studying digital forensics. DFRWS 
and its sponsors will award one or more Student Travel Scholarships each
year. One scholarship will be awarded to the Best Student Research Paper 
awardee. More travel scholarships may be awarded, depending on sponsorship 
funding each year. Exact award amounts will vary, but are estimated to be 
between $1,000-$1,500 per award. See the DFRWS website for further details, 
such as eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and award schedule 
and administration.

For more information, see the DFRWS 2017 homepage at:

DFRWS Organizing Committee
dfrws [at] dfrws [dot] org

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