[DFSci] Journal of Cloud Computing (SpringerOpen): Special Issue on "Cloud Forensics and Security"

Virginia Franqueira V.Franqueira at derby.ac.uk
Sat Feb 18 06:26:46 PST 2017

Deadline for submissions: 01 March, 2017.


Cloud Computing is becoming more and more appealing to organisations and individuals as a platform for ubiquitous, on-demand, high power and low cost computation. Unsurprisingly, the benefits and opportunities of clouds attract not only legitimate users, but also cyber-criminals. It exacerbates the possibility of large-scale illegal activities (e.g., storage and distribution of illicit material, deployment of botnet infrastructure, and phishing campaigns), facilitates novel business models, such as crime-as-a-service and "dark clouds", and enables new forms of attacks and data misuse. This reality poses many challenges to different stakeholders in terms of preventing (the security aspect) and reacting (the forensics aspect) to those illegal activities.
This thematic series solicits technical and case-study papers from academia and industry with focus on advancing the state-of-the-art and practice in Cloud Forensics and Cloud Security. We invite unpublished and original submissions, or significantly extended conference papers with at least 50% of new and original content.

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  *   Digital evidence search and seizure in the cloud
  *   Forensics soundness and readiness in the cloud
  *   Incident handling
  *   Auditing and Logging
  *   Service models and security / forensics implications
  *   Tools and best practices
  *   Resource allocation and security / forensics issues
  *   Evaluation of Forensics-as-a-Service and Crime-as-a-Service provisioning
  *   Integration of grids and clouds
  *   Criminal profiling and reconstruction in the cloud
  *   Data provenance / traceability
  *   Big data in cloud forensics / cloud security
  *   Economics of cloud forensics / security
  *   Cybercrime investigation
  *   Attack modelling and countermeasures
  *   Legal and regulatory aspects of cloud forensics / security
  *   Dark clouds

Lead Guest Editor
Virginia N. L. Franqueira, University of Derby, UK
Guest Editors
Raul H. C Lopes, GridPP & CMS/CERN, UK
Andrew Jones, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Tim Storer, University of Glasgow, UK

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