[DFSci] technical email question

Jon Berryhill jberryhill at computerforensics.com
Thu Jun 2 12:03:27 PDT 2016

A question I’m throwing out to the group. I don’t have access to the necessary systems at the moment to test this, maybe someone knowns the answer….

In the full header of an email is the line “Date:” which shows the date the email was sent. This is the first date that appears in the header as read from the bottom up. Assume that field read

Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 15:12:01 +0000

When that email is read and displayed by the email client software it will populate the abbreviated header with the date in what ever formate that client is configured to show. If, for what ever reason, the email Date line read

Date: Tue, 30 May 2016 15:12:01 +0000

Would the client, if it were configured to display the day of the week, simply regurgitate what was there or does it look at it’s own calendar to see what the day of the week actually was for that date?

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