[DFSci] Call for participation - AFF4 Working Group

Bradley Schatz blschatz at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 04:41:21 PDT 2016

The Advanced Forensic Format 4 Working Group (AFF4 WG) is announcing a call
for participation to develop an open forensic container standard around the
AFF4 forensic container format.

Originally proposed in 2009 by Michael Cohen, Simson Garfinkel, and Bradley
Schatz, the AFF4 forensic container supports a range of next generation
forensic image features such as storage virtualisation, arbitrary metadata,
and partial, non-linear and discontiguous images. Current AFF4
implementations include Rekall, Evimetry Wirespeed, and Google Rapid

All interested parties are invited to attend the first working group
meeting, to be co-located at the DFRWS Conference 2016, in Seattle. If you
would like to join the working group, or have questions related to the AFF4
WG, we ask that you please contact Bradley Schatz or Michael Cohen.

Co-Chair: Dr Bradley L Schatz, Schatz Forensic/Evimetry, [ bradley <at>
schatzforensic <dot> com <dot> au ]
Co-Chair: Dr Michael Cohen, Google, [ scudette <at> google <dot> com ]

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